Business Consultations

During the various phases of a company's existence, various requirements for advice on taxation and general business matters may arise to varying degrees.

In particular, this is required for:

Business start-up

  • ascertaining the prerequisites for founding a company
  • choosing the most suitable legal form
  • drawing up a company concept
  • advice on funding

Company crises

An established company may find itself in a state of crisis that endangers its existence for a variety of reasons. Like at business start-up, a business consultation is particularly useful in such cases.

  • ascertaining the cause(s) of a company crisis
  • analysis of weaknesses
  • outlining a recovery concept
  • monitoring the recovery

Ongoing business consultation

  • making decisions - purchasing, rental, leasing?
  • return on investment for a property acquisition
  • financing plans/profit plans for the granting of a credit

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